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Brian founded Refloor in 2020, a new "project" within the home improvement space. Refloor is the fastest growing in-home shopping flooring company in America, specializing in providing lifetime flooring solutions to their customers. With a variety of colors and materials to fit any need and any budget, Refloor can find the perfect match for any room in your home. They proudly operate in 6 locations across the Midwest with 5 more locations opening in 2023.

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After working for a window company out of college, Brian learned exactly how not to run a business. Selling a great product was not enough; you need to have amazing customer service as well. To them, customers were an inconvenience. Brian remembers thinking to himself that if he ever owned his own business, things would be run very differently. He founded 1-800 HANSONS in 1988 with this very thought in mind. He grew it into an $80 million home improvement company with over 500 employees and proudly sold it to private equity in 2017.

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dontgo.png is an artificial intelligence chat software that helps with website traffic retention. They specialize in exit intent technology, an innovative tool designed to help transform your abandoning website visitors into paying customers. Their technology tracks the mouse movements of your website visitors, and launches when those visitors go to leave without engaging. Custom responses to every question guarantee your website visitors receive the correct answer to their inquiries instantly, accurately, any time.

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Black Rock Logo.webp

Black Rock Bar & Grill is an award winning steakhouse specializing in Certified Angus Beef steaks served on a sizzling stone. Your choice of meat or seafood arrives seared and sizzling, sitting atop a square, inch-thick piece of volcanic granite, heated to 755 degrees. Your server demonstrates the process of slicing, cooking, and time needed – as quickly as a minute – before reaching your preferred doneness. Brian currently owns the location in Utica, Michigan.


Gutter Grate Logo.webp

Why gutter protection, you ask? This is the one area where Brian and another business partner found the largest number of consumers with the least amount of top quality products to choose from. In keeping with his "customer first" mindset, they are pleased to own and operate a business that is driven by the philosophy of: offer customers what's best for them. Stay tuned, he looks forward to seeing the company as one of the "Top Ten."

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Hunter Financial Logo_Black.png

Hunter Financial is a second-look financial lender that offers home improvement companies financing for their customers. They specialize in providing loans for customers who have had credit challenges in the past. Hunter Financial looks for reasons to get loans approved verses excuses not to approve, which is not typical of most lenders.


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The Amazing Mirror Maze Logo.webp

The Amazing Mirror Maze is a 4D experience that appeals to children, teenagers, and adults alike. Located in San Antonio, our maze of mirrors is one of the most exciting and unique attractions that the entire family can enjoy! See infinite reflections of yourself in every direction! Encounter surprising corners, dead ends and continuous circles! Find your way, and even you can become a Maze Master!

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